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Shanghai JianYue Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional company engaged in equipment design, manufacture, installation of stainless steel enterprises. Mainly for dairy products, beverage, ice cream, chocolate, powder food and bioengineering, and chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide services.
The company has professional technical design staff, advanced processing equipment and efficient construction, and after-sales team, successively cooperating with foreign counterparts, introduce and digest and absorb foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology, combined with their own advantages, optimize on product design, manufacture a series of high quality stainless steel equipment.
Company positioning in high-end sanitary products, specializing in the production of stainless steel and the pursuit of perfection. Company series products are: stainless steel tank complete sets of equipment, pipe fittings, and non-standard products, products are widely used in drinks beer ` ` pharmaceutical ` food ` dairy ` bioengineering ` chemical industry and other manufacturing industries.
Shanghai JianYue Machinery Co., Ltd. all staff adhering to the "customer first, quality first, people-oriented, take guest as the source" of the enterprise purpose, are forging ahead in the direction of brilliant! We are very happy to provide service for you and your business. In order to the development of the national light industry, the company is willing to work with colleagues work together to do a responsibility and obligation, thank the domestic and foreign new and old customers coming guidance! A business for a lifetime friend!
We attentively, do conscience Chinese companies! Our progress depends on your criticism and guidance!
Where there is your support, there is a way to success


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